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The Ambulance - 24 hour emergency service.

It can be extremely upsetting and worrying when your pet is ill or has been injured. This can be made more complicated when it happens outside of normal working hours. Many vets in the Yorkshire area, now operate one designated specialist vets for out of hours emergency clinics which can often be many miles from your home. We can respond to emergencies anytime of the day or night and provide excellent quality care to your pet on their way to the vets or to an emergency clinic.

The ambulance is equipped with a special animal stretcher, oxygen equipment (including oxygen tents), muzzles, restraint equipment, as well as a full trauma kit. The ambulance has been purpose built by a specialist company with fixed cages and secured cat carriers. As well as having a pet ramp, fridge, hot and cold water with a basin and external lamp. The cages are also easily cleaned and are disinfected after every animal using a broad spectrum disinfectant.
We are experienced and trained in administering first aid which can often be life saving. We will always offer advice to owners when required until we can get to them. We will get to you as quickly as we can. An ETA and estimated cost will be given and we will keep you updated and monitor ETA’s and journeys whilst encouraging people to remain calm.

The ambulance can also be used to transfer critical patients to any specialist vets anywhere in the UK as we are licensed by the state veterinary services to transport animals for journeys lasting up to 8 hours.

If you have an emergency ALWAYS call your vet BEFORE calling the animal ambulance on
0845 680 11 56
(24 hours).

Please note that between the hours of 7pm and 8am there is a call out fee. We will operate our Standard charges over public holidays, Christmas and the New Year periods.

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