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At the time Suzanne was having a complicated pregnancy. Sybil required many weekly vet appointments as well as hydrotherapy 4-5 times a week and acupuncture once a week. Suzanne was unable to take her to every appointment and couldn't manage her on her own due to ill health. After looking into transport, the nearest “pet taxi” was in Leeds. There were no other animal transporters in the area let alone a pet taxi with someone capable or trained in taking Sybil for her treatment. Sadly, after a courageous and long battle Sybil was PTS in November 2006, when her condition really took hold. From that came Yorkshire Animal Ambulance. The service is dedicated to Sybil and other animals and owners that need this service!

In May 2006 Sybil, Suzanne's rescue German Shepherd, was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. What started off as toe dragging soon turned into partial paralysis of one hind leg and soon after, both hind legs. It was unclear whether it was permanent or caused by an infection. A lengthy battle commenced to try and either slow the condition down whilst maintaining a good quality of life or indeed support her until she overcame her illness.

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