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Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale

1) We undertake to carry your animal(s) by road to their final destination. We will be responsible for any road tolls that are incurred.

2) We will take all reasonable steps to safeguard your animal(s) whilst in transit. However, should your animal(s) become ill and require treatment during transit we will seek veterinary treatment for which you are liable for full costs. If your animal(s) become ill or injured through any act or omission by YAA then we are fully insured to meet these costs.

3) If your animal(s) require emergency treatment we will transport the animal(s) to the nearest veterinary surgeon. If you wish to use a specific vet, which is further away then this will be done at owner’s risk. If we use the nearest vet then your animal(s) may if you desire be transported to your own vet once stabilised.

4) You must specify a telephone number at all times during your animal(s) journey. We will provide you with the telephone number of the driver so that he can be contacted at all times.

5) We will ensure that your animal(s) receive adequate rest and toilet breaks en route in a safe secure environment should a break in the journey be required. We will also use reasonable restraint and equipment.

6) YAA staff are fully trained in giving emergency first aid treatment including resuscitation. However we are not substitutes for qualified veterinarians.

7) YAA will only attend if you have contacted your own vet first.

8) In accordance with RCVS guidelines YAA cannot and do not recommend vets and can only direct you to your own/nearest vet.

9) You must disclose all information regarding your animal(s) including behavioural problems. You must disclose all health problems including allergies. Failure to do so may result in refusal to transport your pet and terminate the journey at any time. You may be held liable for any costs including legal costs and damages for any injury to anyone or another animal due to failure to disclose this information.

10) YAA will only transport animal(s) upon completion of a letter of authority. (These are carried in the Ambulance)

11) By signing the letter of authority you are agreeing to the T & C’s set out and will be responsible for all transportation costs including any first aid materials used.

12) If your animal(s) require euthanasia we will make every effort to contact you. However, should we not be able to contact you or your emergency contact then YAA will act in the best interest of the animal(s) under the guidance of an attending veterinary surgeon and will not be held liable.

13) CANCELLATION RIGHTS. Cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the booking will result in 100% of the fees being payable. YAA reserve the right to cancel a booking without notice in the event of an emergency or due to unforeseen circumstances.

14) Payment is to be made by cash or cheque (guaranteed) and is payable immediately upon completion of the journey. In the case of non payment of invoice within 14 days then we reserve the right to charge £10 per month for every month owing thereafter. Should we have to travel to collect payment then we reserve the right to charge for this journey at our standard advertised rate in addition to any money already owing.

15) Whilst we endeavour to quote the cost of our transport as accurately as possible, we cannot account for the unexpected cost of any emergency treatment either by ourselves or a veterinary surgeon and you the owner will be liable for any such costs in their entirety.

16) We operate a ZERO tolerance policy and any behaviour/language which is considered to be in any way abusive towards us WILL be reported to the authorities.

No information supplied by YAA is intended to be a substitute for advice offered by a qualified veterinary practitioner. You are always advised to consult a veterinary surgeon if you have any specific concerns or doubts in relation to the health of your animal(s).

We do not endorse any product that we may use.