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Previously most veterinary practices have been forced to recommend pet transport services that were less than adequate in transporting animals using unmarked vans/cars with little or no equipment and poor customer service skills.

At Yorkshire Animal Ambulance, with the help of the BAVA, we aim to provide a professional customer focused service. This has been achieved by the following:

1) Providing a properly equipped Vehicle.
The ambulance / Pet taxi – is fully equipped with oxygen, full trauma kit, restraint equipment, fixed kennels and incident management equipment. It is also designed to be extremely visible when dealing with any incident on the highway. The ambulance is also fitted with an external light which can be fitted to any part of the vehicle and is also extendable. The ambulance is purpose built therefore is ideal for any emergency.

2) Properly trained staff
Not only properly trained in first aid and incident management but we are also trained in customer care.  The ambulance is manned by a first responder trained by a veterinary nurse.  We believe it is as important to be compassionate to the owner as it is to treat the injured or sick animal and this can be achieved by effective and compassionate communication by the ambulance staff both on the scene and in the control room when the initial call is taken.  The ambulance staff can be easily identified by the unique green uniform that has the member of staffs name on as well as the company name.

3) 24 hour manned phone line.
Our emergency number is manned 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  Your call will always be answered and dealt with immediately. We always advise you to call your own vet prior to calling us. Listen to the entire message at your vets and call the emergency number given by your vet. If you are unsure of the out of hour’s emergency number then we can direct you in the right direction. We are independently run, in accordance with RCVS guidelines we cannot recommend any vet and can only direct you to your own vets.  If you are not registered with a vet we will transport you to the nearest out of hours vet. Our telephone charges are at local rates. (4p per min)

4) Legal
Another area that is maybe not fully understood is the legal aspects of operating a veterinary ambulance.  DVLA clearly states that to be a veterinary ambulance the vehicle should be used solely for the purpose of sick and injured animals to and from a place where treatment is given and that the vehicle should be liveried with the Words "Veterinary/Animal ambulance" on both sides.

A vehicle without such wording, such as an unmarked car or van could be construed as a private hire vehicle if it is also carrying pet owners, and would need to be licensed as such with the local taxi licensing office.  Veterinary practices would also be wise as to check whether service providers hold the correct insurance such as commercial vehicle policies and public liability insurance or practices could find themselves in a tricky legal situation if things go wrong and they have recommended an uninsured service. All vehicles used by our service are registered with DVLA as animal ambulances, they are used as such and we aim to be completely transparent as regards our insured status.  All policies are open to inspection by any veterinary practice, local authority or any potential or existing client.

5)  Fixed cages/ animals correctly restrained.
It will soon be law that all animals that are transported, by a professional company or private car, are correctly secured or restrained whilst transported. Therefore all dogs should be safely harnessed in or a suitable cage, which is fixed to the vehicle, should be used at all times. All transport companies will have to used fixed or secured cages.

Our Hours
For pre-booked Routine appointments;
Mon-Fri 8am to 7pm
Saturday 8am to 5pm

Emergency -24 hours.

We will be as competitively priced as possible and try to be cheaper than human taxis!
Generally we do not charge for waiting, however, in some circumstances a minimal waiting fee may apply. There is no call out fee on routine bookings. However, we do advise customers to pre-book journeys as we cannot guarantee ad-hoc ambulance/taxi availability due to demand.

Call Out Fee**
8am - 7pm (weekdays) a call out fee will be charged for non-routine appointments plus standard charges
8am - 7pm (Saturday and Sunday ) a call out fee will be charged for non-routine appointments plus standard charges
7pm - 8am (Monday to Sunday) a call out fee will be charged for non-routine appointments plus standard charges
Appointments pre-booked will not be charged a call out fee


We offer concessions to disabled people, OAPS, those receiving benefits. We can offer discounted rates for those who need regular help and do block bookings.

More Information About Us
We have been trained by a reputable company in animal first aid. Suzanne is a former veterinary nurse. We have also been trained in handling and restraint with a local specialist vet including care of spinal patients. We are currently working with the British Veterinary Ambulance Association (Suzanne is a committee member). We are committed in taking animal ambulances into the 21st century by promoting properly run ambulances which are run and operated by fully trained staff. The BAVA were an integral part of our set up process. We are insured commercially and also hold insurance to administer first aid, and custodial care of animals as well as having public liability. Insurance documents can be seen and inspected at ANY time!  We ask owners to complete a consent form prior to the journey and estimated costs are also given prior to journey. We are fully licensed by the Animal Health Agency (DEFRA - regulation 1/2005) as an animal transporter and can transport animals for up to 8hrs consecutively. We complete care records for those patients who need long journeys detailing stops, water intake etc.

Our main objective is to safely transport an animal as quickly as possible for treatment. Therefore we will administer first aid (when necessary) which will make it safe to move and transport an animal that is sick or injured and then transport the animal for immediate veterinary treatment. If necessary we will give oxygen on route. In situations where animals are severely injured we will consult with an emergency vet. We are not a replacement for a vet and ask that all clients contact their own vet prior to contacting us! We ALWAYS instruct clients to do so before attending any animal.

We currently work with several vets on a regular basis. You may contact the following main vet surgeries: Abbey House (Morley), PDSA (Bradford) Holly House vets (Leeds), Torrington Orthopaedics (Brighouse), Calder Vets(Dewsbury), Prospect Vets(Halifax), Yorkshire vets just to name a few!!

*,** - Prices are subject to change and VAT at 20%. A written breakdown of our charges can be obtained by contacting info@yorkshireaa.co.uk